VVCB shall fulfil the role of the open forum for the acquisition of the information and expert orientation and practical demonstration for one of the target groups: 
  •   Children and youth from primary and secondary schools, 
  •   Universities, 
  •   Non-profit organisations, 
  •   Potential operators of the energy carriers.

It will assume and implement the education, trainings and preparation of the experts and specialists in the field of: 
  •   Sustainable development, 
  •   Renewable resources, 
  •   Management of biomass determined from the production of the electricity, heat and  driving fuels,
  •   Renewable energy carriers, 
  •   Biogenetic management, 
  •   Practical preparation of experts for servicing the machines and facilities determined for the biomass
  •   Information and consultancy,  
  •   Biogenetic management of energy.