Research and Development


Výskumno vzdelávacie centrum bioenergie


The Centre is established in connection with the work on the project ITMS 26220220063 “New Technologies for Energetically Environmental and Economically Efficient Valuation of Biomass” in frame of the Operation program Research and Development EU, period 2007-2013.

Project of the Research and Education Centre of Bioenergy (VVCB) is realised in the premises of PD Kapušany by Prešov in collaboration with EU Bratislava and TU Košice. The integral part of VVCB is the biogas station with the capacity of 180 kWh; featured with the automated monitoring and evaluation of the operational parameters of the inputs and outputs. VVCB shall fulfil task of the extensive open forum for informations, expert orientation and opinion formation.


Information acquisition

  •       technical know-how and visitation of RES facilities
  •       acquisition of the expertise and further education
  •       production of raw materials and renewable agriculture

Target groups:

  •      children and youth, school excursions
  •      interested adults and non-profit organisations
  •      potential producers of energy carriers and villages

Alongside the further requirements will be fulfilled:

  •       consolidate expert consultancy
  •       generally comprehensible informations and advices
  •       actual stories supporting the activities in the field
  •       pedagogy in field of the environmental studies

Research part of the project is focused at:

  • extension of the knowledge on the technologies related to the production of biogas, heat and driving fuels and their distinctness from other technologies of the energy production
  • implementation of the exploitation of the primary, secondary and other soils, rationalisation of the processes of the renewable resources production under the conditions of the handicapped  regions
  • research  of the technology processes parameters  when applied are different types of the renewable resources, investigation of the effectiveness of the combined production of electricity and heat and driving fuels
  • economical analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of the energy carriers
  • research of  fast growing  food species and special plants for the combined heat and power and driving fuels production



In frame of this research solved will be the problems of various types of processes, as:

  • economical processes: Design of the model enterprises in frame of the selected units, land evaluation, oriented to the sustainable agriculture
  • technological processes: oriented at the exploitation of the optimal technological solutions of the production, processing and exploitation of the energy carriers
  • ecological processes: in frame of those the attention will be focused at the analysis of the optimal  biomass use and its impact on the environment