The project Research and education center of bioenergy is realized in premises of PD Kapušany by Prešov in cooperation with The University of Economics Bratislava and The Technical Unversity Košice.

The integral part of VVICB is a biogas station with the capacity of 180 kWh with automatically monitoring and evalvation of the operational parameters of inputs and outputs.

Realized Projects


Renovation and modernization of facilities, procurement of IKT equipment and laboratory technological equipment.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, Operational Programme Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic.

ITMS code: 26250120018

Projekt location: Kapušany 567, Kapušany 082 12

Call code: OPVaV-2008/5.1/02-SORO

Operational program: 2620002 OP Research and development

Priority: 5 Infrastructure of the University

The arrangement: 5.1 Building the infrastructure of universities and upgrading their internal equipment to improve the conditions of the educational process.

New technologies for energetically, environmentally and economically effective utilization of biomass

The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund, Operational Programme Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports.

ITMS code: 26220220063

Location of the project: PD Kapušany 568, Kapušany; B. Nemcovej 32, Košice; Tajovského 13, Košice, Bočiar, title deed no. 9, parcel number 355/1-72,359

Call code: OPVaV-2009/2.2/02-SORO

Operational program: Research and development

Priority: 2 Support for research and development

Start of the project: April/2010

End of the project: June 2014

Arrangement 2.2: Transformation of knowledge and technologies from research and development into practise.

The research and education center of bioenergy

Annotation of the project: The meaning of the project research and education center will be open forum for information, professional orientation and discussion of renewable sources of energy and at the same time its function will be the research and technical application of new of solutions of using renewable sourcesof energy in conditions of Eastern Slovakia. The center will collect and transmit the information and it will prpare and educate (students, professional staff and disadvantaged groupsof inhabitants). The center will include three modules: Information modul, demonstration stations of energetical carriers and energetical modular action. The meaning of the project is research, education and guidance in the field of renewable energy carriers. The project is focused on support and development of strong regional websites ONE, creating synergy effects by team and partnership cooperation, to help to save the climate and reduce effects of the energy crisis on the economy of disadvantaged regions of Slovakia and creation of job positions in rural areas.

1. module Information centre

Energy and Environment, Centre for Information and information network will be equipped with computers, which will allow to share information within the global networks and it will be connected to other demonstration station of energy carriers. The information boards will be installed to present complex topics. Onether part of infocenter will be energetic buffet with ecological window, which will help the visitor to get to know renewable sources of energy. Then aso the energetic need will be given for food, and industrial products in terms of climate protection. There also will be an ehibition which gives brief historical overview on using raw materials, technological development and existing social and economic forms. This historical journey will include two themes ending at the present; cultural history of the use of heat energy and raw materials, handicrafts and social context.

2. module demonstation station of energy carriers

Miniature models of energy carriers (solar collectors, fotovoltaic, biomass, production of heat from straw ...) exhibition of interactive models, which the visitors could touch and understand them. Visitors will be able to experiment and playfully know the result (models of wind wheels, solar collectors, etc.). Demonstration objects and construction toys, perpetum mobile, installation of RES in the context with light, energy and work with built-in control mechanisms. PLACE OF POWER- artistically designed place of power for contemplation and sensitization. The visitors will be able to deal with their own energy and by perception find peace, be themself, stop and recharge the strength, before they get back to the exhibition. PLACE OF FIRE- fireplace with trees growing in the circle for the class in nature. It consists of various species. The theme is biology and calorific value of various types of raw materials. It is suitable for different occasions( Fire show or the summer solstice). Eperimental fields of growing up raw materials, information boards and cultivating species of plants fertilization, harvesting and utilization. Appliances for energetic grain, Glass furnace – heating containeras as a visual object and the screen for the presentation of renewable energy sources within Eastern Slovakia.

3. module energy modular action (educational path)

The garden of varieties – experimental small fieldsof varietes of renewable raw materials starting with thistle Saflor to flax and cannabis with information boards about permanent treatment of agriculture focused on:high quality of organic fertilization, minimum tillage and mechanical protection to minimize weeds. REGIONAL SHOWCASE- for regional alternative projects about RES, etc. form of information mill.Another focus will be farmars and their part as producers of renewable raw materials. Production of fuel made of renewable sources of raw materials - bioethanol, methyl ester.

Don't be indolent to the living envinronment

Energy from the renewable sources means perpetually sustainable growth